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  • Kayla Paradis

Tools to Transform Your Self Image

We all know that the vibes we give off and the way we present ourselves is important in how other people see us. But what about how we see ourselves?

Do you believe it makes a difference the thoughts YOU think about yourself, or the way you feel about yourself?

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the reasons why it absolutely does matter how you see yourself and how you can transform your self image to become aligned with the best version of you.

Our subconscious mind will stay consistent with the thoughts that we play out in our heads. A lot of us repeat the same thought patterns over and over again. These thought structures take form and can create blocks and limit us in a way that is even more powerful than any physical obstruction. It's funny how a thought, something that is perceived as invisible can hold so much power of our minds.

The first step, is taking the seat of the observer and really notice your thoughts coming in. If you're telling yourself over and over, "Things never work out for me. I will never have an easy life." The universe will find ways to demonstrate this to you over and over again. What you think, act and believe can totally alter your future. But in a sense, it is actually rerouting your present moment, which can realign you to new future.

So, how can you change the way you see yourself so it is better aligned with where you want to be?

The tools I am about to mention will help you shift to the version of you that you have always wanted to be.

3 Tools to Transforming your Self Image

#1) Identify - You need to identify how you view yourself currently. Pay attention to those thoughts that keep repeating themselves. Notice the themes that continue to rise up. These are lessons that you are meant to overcome. Next, identify the version of you that you WANT to be. The version of you that gets you excited and bubbling with joy. Visualize this version of you as often as you can. This isn't about telling yourself, "I will definitely be happy once I get there, or achieve this or look this way.." This is about aligning yourself in the PRESENT moment to that version of yourself. Asking yourself if your current thoughts, actions and beliefs are aligned with that vision. Check in with yourself often and realign yourself as necessary.

#2) Release - When you get stuck in a negative thought pattern again, (which can be influenced by the people, situations and emotions that we face in our day to day life), you need to release it to the best of your ability. The next time one of those thoughts comes up that isn't aligned with your vision, let go of that version of you. Remind yourself that maybe that is who or how you thought you were in the past, but it is not who you are now. You deserve success, happiness and unconditional love. Don't stand in your own way by clinging to the old version of you. Let it go. We humans are meant to be ever evolving and growing.

#3) Rewrite - If you begin to notice there is an emotion that continues to tie you to that previous version of yourself, it is time to do a bit of digging. A lot of times, these beliefs can be attached to an experience from our past that is not at all relevant to our current timeline. You don't need to pretend like these experiences didn't happen to you. But you do need to identify them and find a way to look at it from a higher perspective. This is not always an easy task, but I promise you, once you can master this, you will begin to see the old version of you fade away and those thoughts won't take hold of you like they used to.

It's time to ask yourself, "Who am I? Who do I really want to be? How can I get there?"

Allow the answer to come from a place of the heart rather than from the ego, and try using these tools to align yourself with the best version of you.