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  • Kayla Paradis

The Power of Human Thought

Humans are unique in that they are the only species that can use their thoughts to create an emotional reaction. Many of us have experienced what it's like to worry ourselves sick, with just our thoughts alone. We can get carried away with a story or script in our mind, and it can literally cause adrenaline to begin pumping through our veins. Even if it is something that is not occurring.

Animals don't do such a thing. Any pet owner would debate that their dog or cat has thoughts or feelings of his own. But would your pet be capable of creating an adrenaline response, based on their thought? Typically, animals only create a response to their thought when there is a physical reason for them to do so, such as a threat, prey or dangerous situation.

So, why then, are humans unique in this way? What is it that we are meant to do with this capacity of thought, emotion, reaction? It is an essential part of our evolution to master this skillful combination of intention. Intention is defined as a purposeful design or concept for a particular purpose. It is the act of mapping and planning out our desires.

It is a gift unique to humans that make us so much more capable than we realize. If we can worry ourselves sick about something that may not even be occurring, could we then become elated about something that has not yet happened? What would happen if you could focus your attention and intentions on creating the life you always wanted? The life you think is waiting for you after you receive this ticket, or cash in this check or cross that finish line. The life you always wanted is here now, you just have to get out of your own way and stop telling yourself that it's not you. If that's what you want, then it is you and it is up to you to realize it. This is where intention, paired with the positive related emotion, leads to manifestation.

Imagine what would happen if, you could recharge your thoughts for a period of twenty one days. If you could train your mind to think and feel from the version of yourself that you wish to be, instead of the person you're afraid that you'll never become. What would happen if you began to tell yourself things like, "I am successful." Instead of, "I will never succeed."

Take a brief moment here, and call into your vision the highest version of yourself. If you were living your best life, what would it look like? How would it feel? What would you be thinking? Go as deep into detail as you can, and really sink in to it now.

Carve that version of you deep into your mind, your heart and your gut. Now,

as you continue your day to day life, invite that version of yourself in. Invite her in as you wake up in the morning, invite her in as you put on your clothes for the day, invite her in as you make your food choices...

Allow yourself to think and feel from the perspective of that highest version of you. What kind of decisions would she be making? Does that align with what you are doing right now?

Do this as many times as you can throughout the day, especially as you're first starting out. Give yourself a visual cue, such as fixing your watch or ring, to remind yourself to be conscious and in control of your reality because it is so easy to go numb in our day to day life. Pay attention, tune in, be conscious, and when it's hard, take some time to wake yourself up and realign by going out in nature or meditating.

If you can make this technique a habit, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way. Since this journey to self realization is never ending, continue with the process, creating new goals and visions for yourself. Put yourSELF in the driver's seat. You will be challenged, but don't allow these experiences to crush you. See these as learning experiences. Have gratitude. Let go of the things that no longer serve you or jive with your current vision. Remember you can create the life you want, by harnessing the power of your thoughts. We have this gift for a reason.

It's only up from here.

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