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  • Kayla Paradis

Meditation and Our Future

We can not deny that technology is speeding up our lives faster than we can comprehend. This comes with great advantages, but also hurls us toward the unknown with extreme velocity. With tech giants like Facebook and Google creating innovations faster than most of us can even keep up, and without official regulation, we have to be curious about what this means for the generations to come. Our children, their children, and the generations beyond will become the pioneers of this new age, and it is our job as parents to bridge the gap between this stage of tech evolution.

On October 23, 2019 Google announced a major breakthrough in quantum computing in to quantum supremacy. What this means, is that they have developed a technology that is capable of solving advanced computational problems that the average computer would take thousands of years to compute, in a matter of 200 seconds. This brings about great potential and advancements, as we now have the capacity to analyze and solve complex problems in nearly any industry ranging from education, healthcare and even politics.

So, what does that mean for the children of the future? What kind of skills will they need to adapt to this rapidly changing and evolving scene of society?

My biggest concern is that future generations will become ever reliant on these forms of technology and analytics that they will forget that they have their own quantum connection within. What makes us unique as humans, what makes us quantum beings is that fact that we have the ability to be unpredictable and spontaneous. This contributes to our expansion and this allows us to create our reality. These tech companies use prediction analytics to determine our behavior and develop their products. As technology and artificial intelligence becomes increasingly aware of our patterns and behaviors, it becomes more and more capable of supremacy and to become the creators of our reality. Eventually, we run the risk of going numb to our own human intelligence, as we increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to run our lives, and intertwine with us.

The one thing that makes us all uniquely and innately human is the fact that we are all quantum beings. This is something we are only beginning to learn and comprehend, but we absolutely can not forget and must make a priority in our future with advancing technology.

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence are two separate things. Wrapping them together would create imbalance and eventual dominance, and let's face it - at this stage, our consciousness is not keeping up with that of technology.

So, how can we tap in to our human consciousness? As parents, how can we teach our children to develop their human consciousness at the same time as they explore technological advancements?

Is it as simple as sitting on a meditation cushion and tapping in to our own universal connection? I like to believe this will have a great hand in shaping our future in a way that does not lead to dominance and human automation. Humans have been using meditation and spiritual connection all the way back to ancient times, and this is the one connection we have that artificial intelligence never could have.

Our children are growing up in a world completely bombarded by propaganda, subliminal messaging, promotional marketing and this is all being fueled by predictive data systems that recognize our behaviors and our struggles. Strategically placing solutions in front of us and answers at our finger tips so we become increasingly reliant on external technology.

The importance of our children having the ability to self regulate and recognize their own thoughts and emotions and differentiate theirs from others is absolutely crucial. We all need to be able to take a moment to turn off and tune in to ourselves. Otherwise we become puppets at the hands of our devices that can predict what gets us excited, makes us feel happy, stimulates us or even causes us to vote in a certain way or buy a certain pair of shoes.

Humans have within them a flock mentality, that causes reactions and feelings based on the behavior of those around us. Just like birds and fish, we have this neural pathway within our brain that brings awareness to our universal connection as humans. Through this, we can detect danger, react collectively and evolve collectively. However, when technology and prediction systems can predict and dictate our behavior as a group, we lose our ability to evolve our individual consciousness which is absolutely necessary for balanced evolution.

We are all becoming more aware of the corruption within our political systems and the democratic system is starting to feel like a joke to a lot of us. So, what's the answer? How can we positively create change on an individual level?

If we all took the time to check in with our own individual consciousness and to develop that connection through meditation, we could create incomprehensible change. If our children could also learn how to do this, they could develop such a strong connection with their own soul, that when they are bombarded by influence - they would know how to switch it off and reconnect to themselves. Instead of feeling lost, hopeless and stuck within a system - they would feel fortified, connected and empowered in their own individuality.

Within each of us, is our own unique perspective of the universe. We all have different views on how we think the world should be and what would create a better future. The problem is, so many of us are influenced by the behavior, thoughts and emotions of others that we have no idea how to tell the difference between what is ours, and what is someone else's. Meditation is the best way to identify and release the external chatter that exists on auto pilot based off of what you absorb and face in your daily life. Meditation also brings you the clarity and direction that lives within you uniquely.

As we experience growth, advancements and developments in technology and quantum computing, we must also remember to develop our quantum connection within. The development of human consciousness and intelligence must become as much of a priority as development of technology and artificial intelligence. Our children must learn to rely on their internal connection just as much as they rely on their external technological connection. In today's modern tech era, meditation is proving to be our ancient, future and ever present connection to being human.