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  • Kayla Paradis

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

There are many perks that come with being in touch with your intuition. It is a lost part of us that is becoming embraced by more and more people. In ancient times, our main source of reasoning was our intuition, but at that time, it was all we had. Today, our attention and thoughts are always distracted and influenced, and it can be hard to decipher what is our own thought, versus the thought of someone else.

Intuition can be defined as:

"the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning."

The definition itself gives way to the process of how our intuition functions. Our intuition functions separate of our thoughts and conscious mind, and stems directly from our soul. If our intuition was housed somewhere in our physical body, it would be in our heart. Have you ever heard someone say, "I just knew it in my heart.." That is because we know this is where our soul, our intuition and our most purest and potent emotions dwell.

So, in what ways can we have better access to our intuition and how can that serve us in our day to day lives?

Recharge In Nature

Connecting to nature is one of the simplest and easiest ways to ground yourself and kick start your creative energy for the day. If you think back to ancient times, upon waking, one of the first thing that humans would do was step outside of their shelter and check the sky for the weather, maybe collect some food in the wild, or make a fire.

In today's world, the first thing we do is usually head to the coffee pot or check our phone for messages. We don't realize, but this is actually setting the framework of our day to be in a constant state of reaction.

Take a moment to look out your bedroom window, maybe even open it a crack. If you pass by your front door, simply poke your head out and breath the air in; this can bring you back in to the state of the observer, where you're able to witness your thoughts instead of reacting to them. You will actually feel more in control of your life in this way then you would if you began replying to your emails first thing.

Instead of taking smoke breaks at work, we should be taking nature breaks. Where we step outside for five minutes and look up at the sky and recharge our internal batteries. In taking these brief moments to ground yourself, you are separating yourself from your thoughts and connecting to your intuition, your internal compass, in a deep but yet, simple way.

Listen to Healing Music

Everything that exists in our physical world is made of atoms that vibrate. These vibrating atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending upon the speed, they appear as a solid, liquid or gas. Humans hold a vibration, and everything that manifests itself in your life in physical form is a result of your current vibration. That is why it is so important to raise your vibration to the best of your ability and sound vibration is one of the easiest ways to do that.

If you can listen to music with very clear vibrations throughout your day, you will help strengthen your intuition without even having to try or think very hard about it. You can even cleanse your home or your room by simply playing relaxing music in the background, even if you're not in it. When you arrive back, and open the door, you will feel the tranquility in the atmosphere instantly.


Meditation is absolutely the strongest way to increase your intuition. People struggle with meditation because the first few layers can be challenging. The more you devote your time to meditation, the easier it becomes. Remember with meditation, the point is not to clear your thoughts, but to observe your thoughts without judgement. The power of human thought holds the key to our very consciousness, and the point is not to try to control or restrict thought in any way, but simply become less reactive to it.

If you find your mind wandering, allow it to be, and follow your breath. Once you have mastered this, you may reach a point of stillness or blackness in your meditation practice. These moments of stillness are not to be under valued. You are learning so much of letting go in this process, and when you let go, you make space for new things to enter. Eventually, you may begin to get different thoughts, colors, signs, symbols and other visuals during your meditation. This is nothing to be afraid of or analyzed. Again, take the seat of the observer and all the answers you need will be given to you in time. Don't waste your time wondering what does it all mean, because what you are meant to know, you will know.

That is what our intuition is, our inner knowing that is separate of our egoic mind and thought structures. Take some time to connect to your inner knowing, and you will be surprised at all the things you know.