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  • Kayla Paradis

Full Moon Manifestation Techniques that Really Work

Are you ready to set your goals and dreams into action? Have you been curious about lunar energies, but don't know where to begin with the manifestation process?

Read on to try the manifestation techniques I used to help land my dream home and set my deepest desires into reality. In ancient times, the full moon was honored in a time of ceremony because people understood the incredible energy that is emitted from the moon. This is something that a lot of humans these days have lost touch with, but it is finally coming back in to mainstream. How can you take advantage of the energy of the coming full moon?

#1) Crystal Clear Intentions

Manifestation can be defined as a visible external expression of inward intention. Now, when I'm talking about intention, I do mean intention that serves the greater good for all involved. So, you thinking you're going to tune into the moon to win the lottery, is not likely to happen. The intentions that you set need to be attuned to the heart space, and serve to benefit more than purely your ego. Before you begin implementing your manifestation techniques, be honest with your self and your intentions. Get crystal clear and specific with your goals and the things that you want. On the full moon, write these intentions down or talk about them out loud.

When my husband and I were looking for our new house, we wanted to find one that had all of the things we loved about our previous houses, combined. So instead of saying, I hope to find a nice home. We were specific and said we wanted a house with privacy, a wood stove, lots of trees, etc. By being clear about our desires, we created a vision that our energy and intentions could cling to. Allow your intentions to be the TRACTION that attracts what you want.

#2) Giving it away to the universe.

This technique is my favorite and is very powerful, even though it seems counter intuitive. When you have set your intentions for the full moon (I like to create a list of seven things on paper), take the list, fold it up and tuck it away in a sacred space. It can be anywhere; in a box, in a drawer, high in your closet.. A place that it won't be touched. Then leave it there and give it away to the universe. Allow yourself to FORGET about it.

You will be amazed as month after month, you will be able to begin to cross things off your list as you achieve them.

This works so well because so often when we want something really bad, we give it too much importance and this actually creates repelling energy towards receiving what we truly want. When we give it away to the full moon or the universe, we are showing that we trust the path we are on and thus make more room for the things we want to come in to our lives.

#3) Visualizations.

Another good technique that worked for me when we wanted our house to sell, was positive visualization. So, the idea here is that no matter how audacious your goal or vision is, you need to visualize it in action. For us, every time I drove past the for sale sign on my house, I visualized it as SOLD. I urged my husband to do the same, and yes, he was skeptical. Our house sold within three months.

The reason this works, is because everything you want and desire in this life, also wants you. It's part of the law of attraction. So if you can passively observe or imagine your desires coming in to your life without obsessing over it, you can help to create that reality.

Take some time on the full moon to visualize, see and feel what it would be like to have the things you want and to accomplish your dreams. Do this in a gentle way, almost like day dreaming, and then let it go without becoming entirely attached to the outcome.

#4) Create a self care ritual.

If you really want to become attuned to the energy of the moon, you need to create some sort of ritual that will help you to tune in. We all know there is no light without darkness, and if the sun is life and creation itself, then the moon is the undercurrent force that carries and nurtures it all. The moon holds a feminine energy, and that is why the woman's cycle typically lines up with the full moon, when she is balanced. So, in order to really honor the energies of the full moon, you should create some sort of self care ritual like having a bath, doing a guided meditation or sitting by the fire in the summer.

The more you do this, you will begin to find (especially if you're a woman), you will know when the full moon is coming without having to look it up on the calendar. As you become more attuned to the energy of the moon, you will naturally bring that nurturing, manifesting energy to your life.

Much love to you, and happy manifesting!

Full Moon Manifestation Techniques