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  • Kayla Paradis

Attract Abundance by Giving More

As we navigate through this new age, and embrace new ways of thinking, we have to be willing to let go of thought patterns that no longer work for us. When we want to receive more (peace, love, money, abundance), we instinctively think about how we can get what it is that we want, and it stops there. This doesn't work in attracting what we want because it doesn't complete the natural cycle of abundance, that mirrors growth cycles in nature, humans and life in general.

Although it seems counter intuitive, it is actually much more beneficial to us to think about what we can give as opposed to what we can receive. In doing so, we set the wheels in motion for the cycle to continue for abundance to come back to us.

How does this work? It orchestrates much like a cycle and I have created an image below to further explain. If you want abundance to continue regenerating back towards you, you need to activate each stage of the cycle, otherwise it falls flat. In that regard, when we do receive abundance, we look at it as luck, a fluke or a one time thing. We don't expect it to keep coming back to us again and again. In reality, abundance, joy and happiness is our natural state of being. We can awaken this by being aware of the cycle and practicing it daily.

In ancient times, people would give offerings to their Gods because they understood this cycle on a fundamental level. At our current state of consciousness, we are able to see that in order to receive what we want from the world, we need to give out to the world.

When we are thinking about what it is we want to receive, we are bringing in the energy of something being given to us. The energy of giving is to freely transfer the possession of something to someone. Possession is to recognize what it is that you have. To recognize and appreciate what we have, and express gratitude, therefore attracts more abundance.

This requires individuals to really be honest with themselves and ask what it is they are giving to the world and to others. What are you doing to support your own heart and also connect with the hearts of others?

The way that you give, needs to come from an ego detached, heart centered way. It is best to think of a way you can give to someone or to your community or even the world, that makes your heart happy. This is where the true magic happens. Anything that you put out will come back to you ten fold!

Start practicing this abundance cycle today, and don't be surprised as the things that you want start to naturally come to you!

Attract More Abundance by Giving More