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  • Kayla Paradis

A Fresh Perspective on Self Worth

One of the biggest road blocks people face in stepping in to the life of their dreams, is that they don't believe they are worthy or deserving of the life they want. Humans are often plagued by thoughts that lead them to believe that the good life is not for them, or that they need to struggle and work hard for the life they want. Not only do we have these thoughts on an individual level, but also as a collective we are lead to think that the people we look up to have something else that we are lacking, something that we will never attain. But it's not true. The truth is, you do deserve the life you've always dreamed of.

Below, I will unravel some new perspectives that will help you to recognize the ways you decrease your self worth on a conscious and even a subconscious level, and how you can change that.

#1) Addiction to struggle

There is a growing amount of people that are shifting away from the old ways of thinking that we need to work hard to be successful or worthy of happiness. Yet there are still so many that believe that life is happening to them instead of for them.

For those who are stuck in this addiction to struggle, it can be hard to see that when you start viewing life through the lens of gratitude, you bring more abundance into your life.

Once you can let go of the idea that you are fighting against the world, you can bring in reciprocal harmony into your life.

The key to breaking free of this thought pattern is replacing it with positive affirmations. Create some type of mantra or affirmation that you can repeat throughout the day like, "things are getting better everyday", "I am always finding new opportunities", or "I fully believe in myself and my talents." Try adding affirmations to your day for 21 days, and you will see a huge shift in your perception.

#2) Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is when a person is truly unable to believe that their success is deserved based off of their own talents. This happens when people are in the pursuit of achieving their goals, and they feel "off" about it. They start to get this feeling of, "is this really for me, do I really deserve this?" This can happen at any stage of the game, when someone is dreaming up a goal they might immediately dismiss it as, "this is not for me." Or it can happen during the actual achievement of the goal, when a person might get to where they aimed to and yet still end up thinking, "now when is reality going to hit me?"

So many people can easily point to someone else's life and think that person has something special, that the other person has what it takes. It's so easy to recognize and appreciate other people's talents before your own. The game changing technique to diffuse impostor syndrome is positive visualizations.

Take some time everyday to envision yourself achieving your goal; imagine how it would feel. See this vision through your own eyes, as if you are living it instead of watching a movie of yourself. Bring yourself through the emotions, making sure the emotions align with the joy and excitement of becoming the best version of you. If you try this for 21 days, paired with the affirmations, it is guaranteed to change your life.

#3) Standing in Your Own Way

A lot of our visions are easy to think about or plan, but putting them in to action is a whole other thing. There are a million ways to make excuses or stay where you are, but the trick here is about getting out of your own way to really get you on to the path of success. One of the biggest things we do that get us stuck, is making our goals so far out of our own reach. We put our goal up on a high shelf like some kind of trophy. However, in doing that you are actually creating opposing energy as you are showing the universe that the goal is out of your reach.

So, the key here is to begin to act how you would if you were the version of you who achieved that goal. For example, if your passion is painting and it is your goal to make that into a career, you need to commit yourself to painting everyday. Be dedicated to achieving your goal and embodying that ambition everyday. Don't say, I will start in the summer or when things slow down. If you really want it, you need to find a way to bring it in to your life today. Even if it's in a small way.

Remember that you are deserving of the life you have always wanted. You are uniquely talented and don't ever forget...

You are worthy.