About Me: Kayla Paradis

I abandoned my career aspirations in mutual funds,

started a daily yoga practice, embraced my intuition 

and built a life around self healing.

Now I guide other mama's to do the same.

"I have been placed on this earth to help other mama's be guided by their intuition. To return to the roots of their soul and be a light in their family. The more I believe in my gifts, the stronger they become. I encourage other mother's to believe in themselves again and realign with their internal guidance."

In November of 2016, I was told by a psychic medium that I would be expecting our third child. I felt there was no way that could be true because I was planning on returning back to work in mutual funds and my husband was going through preoperative procedures for a vasectomy. Three months later I stood shocked in the bathroom staring at a positive pregnancy test result.

How could the medium have known I would be having another child before the baby was even conceived? What was she tapping in to that allowed her to see my life more clearly than I could?

Fast forward two years, and I would have the exact answers to the questions I was asking. Through my yoga practice, my spiritual awakening was accelerated and my intuitive gifts unlocked. I believe this is something we all have access to, and in this day and age it is much easier to live with your intuition than to live without it.

That's why it has become my mission to help other mothers safely explore and integrate their soul connection in to their daily life.

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